Our enthusiast approach will help you achieve your goals by providing a more holistic and comprehensive method to health and wellness. We have the ABC's of a physically fit lifestyle: This is boot camp, personal training, pilates and yoga!

Conducted in either one-on-one or small group sessions, I tailor a pilates program to meet individual needs and abilities, monitoring movements to ensure correct form proper body mechanics for optimum results. The Pilates method of body conditioning incorporates a balanced blend of exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the core muscles of the body (abs, hips, buttocks, back), improve posture and enhance flexibility without adding bulk. No prior experience is necessary.

Yoga Power Flow

This full-body workout challenges and enables you to become centered, balanced, and physically and mentally healthier. Though you may find some parts of this style of yoga to be fast paced and other parts slower, the flow (movement) is constant. Conducted in either one-on-one or small group sessions for both novice and experienced students alike.

In-Home Personal Training

For both men and women we know that for you to be truly physically fit you must have STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY, BALANCE and NUTRITION. With one-on-one and small group PERSONAL Training, we not only get you started at the on-set of your motivation and excitement, but we work to extend that into a long-standing mentality and lifestyle.

Boot Camp in the Park!

 New Session Begins Saturday, April 12th!! Let's work up a sweat and get our heart rates up! FitLife_byKC Boot Camp is ideal for the client who enjoys the group dynamic of an exercise class. Our program emphasizes constant movement through intervals of cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics and partnered exercises: a completely WEIGHTLESS class! Sign-up for either a six-week package OR drop-in sessions! Sessions are Mon/Wed at 6:30PM and Saturdays at 11AM. We're located at Raymond Recreation Center, 3725 10th St, NW, DC (Petworth metro station)

Boot Camp Options
Virtual Personal Training

A - Leg Front Pull

Personal Training from the convenience and comfort of your home! Customized 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute personal training sessions by subscription via PayPal. 

In-Home Fitness Assessment

For a first-time client, this includes girth measurements with an exercise training and nutrition program -- only $150 for a 75 minute-session. The written program will be e-mailed to you in a word document within two (2) days of our session.

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FitLife_byKC Virtual Personal Training Program:

* Offers II-Tier Monthly Subscription for full access to our ever-growing fitness library:
Tier I -- $45 Includes customized personal training sessions each week.
Tier II -- $75 Includes Tier I PLUS Google+ consultation & 4 e-mails (one per week).



How to signup for virtual


Please contact us for appointment, rates and program packages.

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