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The energy, balance and strength you create on your yoga/pilates mat and in your training sessions are health benefits that you will carry into your daily life. We welcome you to share your experiences, testimonies and pictures on our website! 

TRX Asymmetric-Loaded BB Single Leg Deadlift, Walking Plank, Bosu Pistol Squats, Plyometrics and more with KC

Highly advance core and and leg drills that really taxes the total body! There's no need for heavy weight!


Meet 64-year-young Pat as she does her FIRST full pullup!



Soyane Austin


Hired KC for In-Home Training Program, 9 months.

"Working with Kethia has been an amazing experience for me! I am most impressed with the creative ways our workouts are structured; I always feel challenged and accomplished at the end of our sessions. I have lost weight, but more importantly, I feel vibrant and strong. Thank you, Kethia -- you are truly the best!" -- April 21, 2012  



Tiffany Davis


Hired KC for Virtual Training Program, 1 month.

"KC custom-designed a program that took into account my weight loss goals and physical limitations, and made sure that I did each exercise properly. She also helped me track my daily meals so that I could identify potentially harmful eating habits, and gave me pointers on the nutrition I needed to safely augment my weight loss. Since I live in another state, KC conducted our weekly sessions via Google Hangout, which was extremely convenient. After the sessions, she'd email me the exercises and repetitions so that I could do them on my own. KC checked in with me toward the end of each week to discuss my exercise and eating patterns, and any problems or concerns I might have regarding that week's exercise routines.


"I especially liked that the exercises changed every week and got more difficult, which kept me from getting bored.  After thirty days, I saw clear definition in my abdominal muscles (my primary target area) and I was able to hold a thirty-second plank and one-minute Boat Pose without difficulty--a major improvement from the beginning of the month, when I struggled to hold a ten-second plank! My eating habits improved and I found myself actually getting to sleep at a decent hour every night. My mother was so impressed with my progress, she asked KC to design a program for her!  I highly recommend KC as a virtual or in-person trainer."  -- April 18, 2014



Donna R. Walton, Ed.D.


Hired KC for In-Home Training Program, 3 months.

“Kethia is one fitness trainer who I have come to know that is committed not only to the "person", but the "results" as well.  She is highly motivated and believes in the work she is doing.  Kethia possesses those business traits that separate her from others.  Her services are fit you for life!” -- April 15, 2012



Dennis Donovan Powell

Hired KC for In-Studio HIIT Training Program , and hired KC more than once.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time. 
“A lot of personal trainers and fitness coaches just don’t get it. They think “skinny” or “beefy” is the end all. In contrast, Kethia sits down, listens, and really talks with her clients regarding their holistic goals. Then, she makes a connection AND finds the right incentive to help her clients succeed beyond their fitness program. I highly recommend Kethia because of her integrity, understanding of wellness/fitness, and her professionalism. When it comes to personal trainers, you’ve had the rest. Now, isn’t it time you’ve had the best?” -- November 7, 2011



Bryan Power, Owner, PowerBodies Fitness


Managed KC indirectly.

“To be a great trainer you need to have passion, personality and professionalism. Kethia has all the necessary tools to help anyone who is looking to take a positive step towards improving their fitness level. I enjoyed having her as a personal trainer at my facility and would welcome her back in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a true professional in the fitness industry Kethia would be a great choice!” -- November 5, 2011



Ignatius "Ingo" Dotsey, Founder/Owner/Lead Photographer, fotoFRICA.Com

(Business Consultant)

“Being a fitness enthusiast myself, it was such a pleasure capturing and seeing Kethia ardently absorbed in performing her fitness exercises. She is knowledgeable, patient, and permanently wore a smile on her face as she demonstrated her Pilates, yoga and personal training techniques. I highly recommend Kethia to help you reach your fitness goals.” -- November 8, 2011 

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