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Physical fitness and mindfulness are now yours!


You have taken the first step into becoming a healthier, better YOU through personal training.  Together we will achieve your comprehensive health goals: physical endurance and strength, agility, speed,    flexibility and stability.




Fitness friends, you can workout and zen out in our brand new 1,200 sqft yoga and pilates home beginning Monday, May 15th! 


Located at 3232 Georgia Ave, NW our gorgeous studio offers: hardwood flooring, art on the walls, changing rooms, cubbies, a beautful lobby, and many great coffee shops, restaurants/bars all around. 

You, the client, desire an intelligent, dynamic and holistic approach to a lifetime of fitness, wellness and fulfillment. Kethia (KC), your personal fitness coach, desires to shape your body and elevate your level of fitness and overall health. Our weekly BlogFit helps you balance work, life and wellness.

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